2013: Rainy London’s end-of-year review

The day has been slow, the weather quintessentially British and rainy and it was perfect to stay in and write (and work! I’m actually here.)
2012 ended in technicolor, filled in with good stuff: I turned 30, I witnessed the amazing London 2012 Olympic Games, I travelled a lot, I had bucket loads of interesting projects, I had a great holiday in the sun of Thailand, I spent Christmas with the family and got lovely surprises, to end with a loud NY’s house party with friends  – and lots of work, to mention but some highlights.


2013, well… had lots to prove!
Work was since the beginning particularly tricky: late payers and even non-payers, little projects that got cancelled or bigger ones that were never confirmed and so on and so forth.
Invoices that got lost (how bizarre…) and cut-off dates that ‘magically’ appeared to rain on your financial parade.
Trains or flights got cancelled and I incurred in expenses I hadn’t planned – like that time I got stuck in Paris and I had to anticipate every single penny of the expenses.
I’m also sure my turnover was probably the same of past years – or maybe even better – but working too much or too little in a short period is never too good – for your health, especially.
The usual ups and downs of freelancing, and as they say… it’s always darkest before the dawn. 
I did manage to stay positive while work was a bit less than usual.
Here’s was I did:
– Rely on my closest circle: my partner and my family were of great support even though they noticed just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for that, I am where I am because of YOU.
– Keep busy: seeing people even when you’re not willing to was good… special thanks to Marta for always saying how I was being so un-Val!
– Exercise: very much to stay focused. It does help. See more here
– Networking: that is where you find inspiration – always! Sometimes you get the impression people around you are very accomplished and happy but hey, I would not be telling you this if everything that glittered was gold, right?
There’s always some good in every year. And actually, the second half was quite good.
So, what can I take away from this year?
  • My health: it was and stayed a priority. When you have more time you have to fill it in: and I did it considering my body as a temple.
  • Work-wise, from June onwards things went up and many interesting projects came in: lots of interpreting, lots of guest posts, lots of talks and interesting conferences I attended and was a lucky speaker at (Language Show, ITI Conference, LRG events, ITI events, TFB, TraduEmprende, Proz Conference, IAPTI Conference, etc…).
  • Travelling: even though it was for work and I never rested, I visited Porto, Rome, Madrid (3 times!), Toledo, Romania, Copenhagen, Southampton, Zurich, Paris, New York… and many more. I’ve been very lucky.
  • New and old friends, colleagues, colleagues who become friends: the number of relationships and people I met and those I knew who got closer? Countless.
  • I will take this opportunity to thank all of those who are now part of my life and who managed to make me laugh, be happy and forget about the ups and downs of life. You know who you are.
  • Standing up for your decisions: I realized how I really like being a freelancer, with all the bad and the ugly and the difficulties… I will keep going, because this is what I am.
  • Try harder: I found out how determination can help you stay focused. Never give up. And I don’t want to sound too zen or cheesy, but motivational quotes are there for a reason… Motivating you!
  • Saying THANK YOU: sometimes it is the best therapy. And BEING thankful for what you are and what you’ve been able to do so far. It’s like giving yourself a pat on the back. Even if you could have done better, you did something.
  • New starts: I created Rainy London Branding, I improved my talks and my presentations – and my speaking skills. I launched The Freelance Box with Marta and it’s giving us very good results.
What do I want to get out of this year?

I promise I do exercise :)

I promise I do exercise 🙂

  • Efficiency. In everything I do.
  • Early starts. Follow my #earlyrisingchallenge on Twitter.
  • Exercising, more and better.
  • Routines, because they are good for mind, body and soul.
  • More CPD and traveling for work.
  • More content on my many platforms. And more #rainytips.
  • Publishing an e-book *I’m scheming already*
  • Focused business plan: where I am, where I want/need to go.
  • Learning Portuguese (hey, seriously this time).
  • Getting myself a proper holiday (I DO NEED ONE!)
  • Continuing finding more direct clients and people who appreciate my work.
  • Focusing more: on details, on beauty, on needs, on people around me, on the things that really are great.
  • Being closer to the friends I’ve lost on the way – sorry, I’m so social that sometimes I become antisocial.
  • Keeping up with my blog – and making it more client-oriented, with fresh content and interesting stuff.
  • Working hard with Rainy London Branding, helping more colleagues finding their brand and voice.
  • Continuing being an inspiration for many (THANK you everyone for making me such a lucky person!)
In 2014, I want to be more me.
Finding more time for what I like: taking a nice photo in London or just drinking a good coffee in a cosy room, sitting on my sofa, with the light coming in; saying nice things to a friend who’s done well or giving relief to someone who is in need.
I wish you a successful 2014 but above all, a year where you can truly be yourself and achieve what you wish.
Step by step, little by little.
p.s: I hope I didn’t sound too cheesy or sad, and hopefully this would be inspiring for some of you.
#inspire #workhard #love
Buon Anno, di cuore!

Buon Anno, di cuore!

London is love.

London is love.

About Val

London-based Rainy London Translations is offering a full range of top quality interpreting, localisation, translation, consultancy and voice-overservices for both businesses and individuals. Need something else? Just ask! It may sound like a cliché, but just get in touch: what you need can be done, at a reasonable price. Valeria is also offering a 'branding' clinic service, to help freelancers find their perfect business name or polish the existing identity by finding a logo, a tagline with sound creative consultancy. Based in the City of Westminster area, the heart of London, UK, since August 2011.

11 responses to “2013: Rainy London’s end-of-year review

  1. You were inspiring indeed, Val! 🙂
    My 2013 wasn’t one of the best either, but I guess these tough times are always the ones which teach us the most, right?
    You and Marta were my first role-models. I just love the way you two work and deal with your branding. I know I’m still a baby when it comes to branding, but everything I’ve achieved so far was thanks to your inspiration. For that, THANK YOU!
    Perfect post! I especially liked the learning Portuguese and the “London is love” parts. Should you want any help with the former, I’ll be more than willing to help, if you don’t mind me speaking Brazilian, not European, Portuguese. 😉

  2. Grazie! Leggere questo mi ha fatto un bene incredibile! (ci voleva!)
    Ti auguro un anno fantastico!

  3. You were inspiring indeed, Val! 🙂
    My 2013 wasn’t one of the best either, but I guess those tough times are always the ones which us the most, right?
    You and Marta were my first role-models. I just love the way you two work and deal with your branding. I know I’m still a “baby” when it comes to branding, but everything I’ve achieved so far was thanks to your inspiration. For that, THANK YOU!
    Perfect post! I especially liked the learning Portuguese and the “London is love” parts. Should you want any help with the former, I’ll be more than willing to help, if you don’t mind me speaking Brazilian – not European – Portuguese. 😉
    Have a splendid 2014!

  4. Val, I didn’t find your post at all cheesy or sad. It was honest and positive. And envy-provoking: all that travel, you jammy devil!

    • hahaha I did travel for work every single time, pretty much! That means lots of planes and every means of transport on earth and skies, but little to see! Still, I can’t complain. New countires ticked from the list. Thanks for liking the summing-up, buon anno e spero di vederti presto!

  5. Great post, and I echo what Marian has said above, not at all cheesy or sad, just warm and interesting.

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