A Day In the Life of… ElleDi Traduzioni

Welcome back! This month’s #ADayInTheLifeof features friend and fellow Italian Laura from ElleDi Traduzioni. While she shares with us a typical day, find her on Twitter @EllediTrad or Facebook.

9.15am Yes, no mistake there: my alarm goes off when most people are up at least since a couple of hours. One of the perks of being a freelancer working from home. I am definitely NOT an early bird!
9.30am I start making breakfast with Marco, my husband. He’s working at home too these days, so we’re lucky enough to spend a lot of time together. We usually have a cup of americano (I don’t particularly love espresso and never drink it in the morning anyway) and a few cookies, or a couple of fette biscottate with homemade jam (or Nutella!). In the meantime, I switch on my iMac and Phone and check my e-mails, the news etc.: not a healthy habit, I am aware of that, but pretty much a necessity when you get up so late, at least on a working day.


10.00am I sit at my desk and log into my gorgeous iMac 27”. I love the screen space and the fact I can see and work on such a beautiful piece of design every single day. My iPhone is also there, together with my trusted weekly diary and a bottle of water (I am used to drink a lot of water during the day, and get terrible headaches if I don’t). What comes next? My list is pretty standard, and similar to Rainy London’s:
– E-mails on Mail and handle my correspondence as needed.
– News/the blogs I follow: after Google Reader’s demise, I just started using Feedly and I am pretty much hooked.
– Bank accounts, pay bills, issue invoices/proforma and the like.
– Social media actually amount for a pretty big part of my day: I have 2 Twitter accounts and 2 Facebook pages, one for my blog and the other for my business, which I try to keep as engaging as possible, using the above mentioned Feedly and ScoopIt. If it’s a Tuesday or a Friday, it’s also time to post on my blog.
All reading and social media related-activities can take from 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on my actual workload. 71f0d1c0531f11e28a7322000a1fa414_7

10.30am I actually start working! It’s definitely time, don’t you think? Again, depending on the workload, I could go on without a break at least until lunch (often forgetting about it, to be honest), or treat myself to more relaxed pace, with breaks every hour or so to check in with Twitter and my Facebook page(s), to reply to e-mails and so on.
Between 12.30pm and 1.30pm it’s time for lunch, usually something light like a vegetable soup, or a sandwich, and a coffee (espresso, this time!).
2.00pm max I start working again.
5.30pm I begin to get restless – In 2012 I discovered running and now I am what you’d call an addict: I run 3/4 times a week (plus 1h of Pilates every Monday). As challenging as it can be schedule-wise, it really works wonders for my well-being, physical as well as psychological. It keeps me fit, keeps the stress at bay, and helps me focus. So, if it’s a “run day”, I finally get up from my desk and get ready. If not, I may keep working a little bit longer, jot down something for my blog, keep up with one of my Coursera courses, or relax on the couch watching an episode of one of my fave TV shows.


7.30pm We start getting ready for dinner. Our little pre-dinner ritual: Marco cooks and I read TV-related news on my iPad. We’re both avid TV series fans, and we love to chat about our favourite series and actors. After dinner, we watch TV for a while and then it’s time for bed.
I try to power down the iMac just before dinner, and I rarely work in the evenings: but I have to keep checking my e-mail to account for customers in different time zones. This is often quite a big nuisance, to be honest, maybe the biggest “con” of working from home, and therefore not having a proper office which you can simply close for the day. However, I love my job and I feel very lucky and blessed… and not only because I can sleep until 9am every single morning! 😉

NEXT MONTH: a close-up into the world of a professional from a different industry. Stay tuned!

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