A Day in the Life of… Alessio Demartis

While March draws to an end, here I am to give you some good read to close the month in style: Alessio Demartis, aka Mr “ADPlus Languages” is a fellow Italian, a friend and a colleague working from Madrid. An ES / ES > IT linguist, he is also a businessman as he created Rainbow Translations!

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7 am: Sleeping.

7.30 am: Sleeping.

8 am: Sleeping. Definitely not an early riser 🙂

8.30 am: Alarm goes off. To be precise, today I was woken up by Ms Nicki Minaj. My random alarm app ensures I never get accustomed to the sound of my alarm, and even if sometimes it can be quite dazzling, it does work. During the last two years, I have reduced considerably the number of “snoozes” to get out of bed: I am now happily set on two. When I turn off the alarm, I automatically go through all the notifications on my mobile phone: social networks, urgent emails, news… I have to know what to expect when I get out of bed!

8.50 am: Time for breakfast! I turn on the TV, watch the news while I eat my omelette and drink my tea. I am a big fan of tea, so that each morning (and afternoon) I get to choose among at least 10 different varieties. Today it is Chai Tea, one my favourites! This is how my everyday breakfast looks like:

Having a nice brekkie is a must

Having a nice brekkie is a must

9.15 am: My daily appointment with my PC. It is a kind of love/hate relationship, but at this very hour I can say we still get along. I always start my workday checking my emails, adding incoming new projects to Google Calendar, replying to messages received during the night (most of my clients live in the United States, so it is quite common). Since last summer, I have been working on two new projects, AZ Languages and Rainbow Translations. Both of them are almost up and running and I always start my day giving them an absolute priority. Emails, providers, customers, web page maintenance, social networks, video calls with my partner in Italy… It can take some time, but it always gets me in a good mood. Or in a really bad one 😉 By the way, here is an exclusive for you: today March 23rd, my new project AZ Languages is finally online! You can be among our first visitors.

10.00 am: Al lavoro! I open my small folder “My Workbench” on the desktop and I get lost among CAT tools, words and dictionaries. Even if I know I should have a break every 30-45 minutes, I always forget. I have discovered that a good technique is to drink a lot… so that you are eventually reminded by your body to stand up from your chair 🙂

12 pm: Gym time! I go to the gym 3 times a week and I go running on my off-days, which helps my back not to take the shape of the chair I am usually sitting on. This is definitely one of the advantages of being a freelance: I can go to the gym when nobody is there!

1.30 pm: Like you, I generally have a protein-based lunch while I watch some TV. Considering that I have to wait until April 5th for the new season of Game of Thrones, I am now rewatching Big Bang Theory – it helps me get my mind off work.

2.30 pm: I admit it, I might take a 20 minutes nap around this time of the day 😉

3.00 pm: I make another tea and I start my afternoon session! I generally work until 7 pm, even if it does not mean I sit at my desk for the whole evening. For example, my project Rainbow Translations has been selected to be part of the EIE (European Institute of Entrepreneurship), which means that I am often at their headquarters to talk with mentors, double check if the planning is being respected, follow seminars or take part in activities related to entrepreneurship. Also, my offices are located in the EIE coworking space, so I am around quite often. Here you can see a part of the office during an interview:

8.00 pm: I go back home by bike. I love riding a bike and now that public bikes are available in Madrid I do not miss a chance to use one of them to move around the city.

9.30 pm: I start cooking. I love cooking and good food – well, I am Italian 😉 – so that I often organize dinners home or try new recipes. Among my best dishes? Allegedly risotto and lasagne.

10.30 pm: Depending on the project I am working on, I might go back to work for a few hours. I have always been more productive at night since when I was in college, so I try to make the most out of it. I do not get distracted by calls, notifications or emails, and the silence around me helps me concentrate.

Of course, this is my typical daily schedule and it often varies when I have interpreting assignments, like today: hugs from Toledo! 😀

About Val

London-based Rainy London Translations is offering a full range of top quality interpreting, localisation, translation, consultancy and voice-overservices for both businesses and individuals. Need something else? Just ask! It may sound like a cliché, but just get in touch: what you need can be done, at a reasonable price. Valeria is also offering a 'branding' clinic service, to help freelancers find their perfect business name or polish the existing identity by finding a logo, a tagline with sound creative consultancy. Based in the City of Westminster area, the heart of London, UK, since August 2011.

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