The Versatile Blogger Award 2012: my nominees


I have to say I completely forgot about the Versatile Blogger Awards until someone mentioned it yesterday and then my friend Aida told me she even nominated me last year! I now feel bewitched and HAVE to compile my own nominations. There you go.

The Rules
Rules are rules, so here’s what you have to do to join:

1. Thank the award creator and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things (possibly that nobody knows!) about yourself.

3. Mention 15 recently discovered blogs that you like.

4. Get in touch with the ‘nominees’ to let them know about the award and your preference for them. In my case I have to thank Aida again for nominating me and apologise for ‘no caer en la cuenta’ before! Hopefully nobody else nominated me and didn’t go under my radar (sorry!)

Seven things you didn’t know about me


1. First things first: I love coffee. But in its purest way, so no chocolate or milk or froth involved. Just espresso. And please, don’t write it with an ‘x’ 🙂
2. I love photography but I’m a complete self-taught beginner so pretty much an amateur that from time to time snatches a nice shot. Want more? Click here and here.
3. I currently wear the following jewellery at all times: 1 navel piercing, 25 (yes, 25) silver/steel bracelets coming from different people/places/occasions and 2 anklets. The bracelets HAVE to be only silver, possibly with beads, and never bangles. 🙂 I do wear watch, earrings and necklaces, but they are all removed before bed. I also have 2 tattoos.
3. I have very flexible hands. And I once had extremely short and ginger hair ie. boy’s cut.
4. Shallow bullet-point? Check. I once have been featured on Vogue Japan’s street fashion blog  and last December, for Xmas, a friend bought me a photoshoot (!) with a professional photographer. I loved it. But you’ll have to be my friend on FB to see them 🙂
5. I like to define myself as a very ‘A to B‘ person ie. if I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m sad, I cry. If I am angry with you, you’ll be the first to know. I don’t like holding grudges or playing games. So well, I’m pretty much a simple person. Sometimes is a good trait, sometimes not. But I definitely know when to be diplomatic.
6. I have been sleeptalking/sleepwalking for my entire life. And it’s not funny (so I’m told, I never remember a single thing)! I can be noisy and I once ‘hit’ a friend who was sleeping in the bed next to mine. She’s fine now 🙂
7. Interpreting is my passion. And I don’t find it scary to talk in front of people either. Once a professor told me I had a gift: I was able to make everything I said sound convincing. Great for the booth 😉

And my nominees are… (they’re NOT in order and they’re almost all translation-related!)

1. Aventuras de una traductor-intérprete en Madrid by Aida González (@aidagda). A heartfelt set of tales from Aida’s experience as an interpreter. It’s always fascinating to read other colleagues’ experiences and find a relation to yours. I had the pleasure of meeting Aida in my recent trip to Madrid and she owned the place: restaurants, shops, touristy corners… she was the perfect Cicero. Gracias!
2. Wantwords by Marta Stelmaszak (@mstelmaszak). A young and skilled translator/interpreter that means business: she packs a punch and is very prolific. Unmissable tips and useful yet funny articles everyone can benefit from.
3. The Interpreter Diaries, by Michelle Hof (@InterpDiaries). An enviable multilingual background, a stellar career and a mum too: my hero! Michelle is fun, knowledgeable and prepared – and the blog is a must-read. Plus, I love the subheading (“highly personal, anything but confidential”).
4. The Translator’s teacup by Rose Newell (@Lingocode). A geek like me, Rose is a petite translator with bucket loads of energy (the vegan diet, maybe?). She’s cool, knowledgeable and fun – the perfect combination! I recently met her in London and she confirmed it all.
5. Twin Translation’s Translation Times by Judy (language_news) and Dagmar Jenner. Authors of The entrepreneurial linguist, a fab book on translation, these twins live between Las Vegas and Vienna and are able to be entertaining, funny and relevant in all they write. Plus: charitable! They ran a fundraising before Xmas in support to a colleague who faced health problems (they went over $10,000 if I’m not mistaken!). Well done, girls! I am hoping to meet them soon somewhere in the world.
6. Words to Good Effect by Marian Dougan (@MarianDougan). A common love for Italy (and shoes) unite me with this Scottish colleague who has a very clear and crafted style for interesting and relevant articles. I met Marian a few times during UK conferences and it’s great to know people like these still exist!
7. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. Because I love fashion, after all. I read many more blogs on fashion but if I had to choose one and one only, this is by far the most relevant. Feast for the eyes if you love photography and effortless fashion style.
8. Bootheando, by Clara Guelbenzu (@blogbootheando). The name is very catchy and the author’s work is too, focusing on interpreting and life in the booth: unmissable for both newbies and experienced colleagues alike.
9. Localise me, by Curri Barceló (@currixan). I love the FB page too and she has a blog in EN and ES. She’s also a photo lover, just like me! We are both based in London and I am looking few to meeting her soon.
10. Minimo by Laura Dossena (@elleapostrofo). A minimalist blog by an Italian translator. Impressive description of her life dedicated to ‘reducing’ the stuff we have and we don’t need. I’m not such a ‘virtuosa’ but reading her never fails to give me inspiration! She’s also a good friend and fellow countrywoman – and we share the passion for bags, too. Vieni a Londra presto, Laura!
11. There’s something about translation by Sarah Dillon (@sarahdillon). Now from Australia, Sarah is well known in the industry for her many articles and for her interesting blog. I love the layout too! She also runs eCPD webinars with Managing Director Lucy Brooks. These are extremely interesting and always bang on topic.
12. Naked Translation, by Céline Graciet (@ntceline) based in Brighton. She’s funny, witty and very relevant. She always has a very clear-cut point of view on all translation-related things and she sets examples on how to deal with them at best.
13. 1000 Lives in 100 Words by Max Hardy. Nice project, interest development and certainly creative! When it comes to words, we get hooked! As Michelle Hof said, try and spot someone you know… before number 100th…
14. Mox’s Blog by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos. Mox is the stereotypical, highly skilled, well-tempered and super-naive translator. But these comic strips never fail to ring (one too) many bells! And it’s fun.
15. Lingua Greca by Catherine Christaki (@linguagreca) last but not least, Catherine. A super-productive blogger, she writes effortlessly and even when topics seems to have been discussed under every angle, she nails it again and finds another one. She probably is writing a new post right now (does she even sleep at all?)!

Well, I did enjoy this. It’s been a useful reminder of how many great colleagues above I still have to meet in person. A bloggers’ lunch somewhere hot and nice, anybody?

Ciao 🙂

About Val

London-based Rainy London Translations is offering a full range of top quality interpreting, localisation, translation, consultancy and voice-overservices for both businesses and individuals. Need something else? Just ask! It may sound like a cliché, but just get in touch: what you need can be done, at a reasonable price. Valeria is also offering a 'branding' clinic service, to help freelancers find their perfect business name or polish the existing identity by finding a logo, a tagline with sound creative consultancy. Based in the City of Westminster area, the heart of London, UK, since August 2011.

One response to “The Versatile Blogger Award 2012: my nominees

  1. Thanks Val!! It was a great pleasure to meet you in person in Madrid and to show you some of the shops and places I love in the city, it was a great way to end the course.I agree, I love reading your blog, interpreters problems and anecdotes are similar all over the world and it is good to be part of the community.

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